Overlord Bunny Is Going To Be a YouTube Star (Or At Least Pretend To Be)


Someone once said “fake it till you make it.”  I operate by this philosophy on a daily basis, where I fake being an important celebrity-type person both here and on Twitter.  I mean, I guess I could take the Kardashian route and make a sex tape, but it’d be sort of like The Ring in which everyone who saw me naked would die in seven days if they didn’t vomit themselves to death first like Kate Middleton tried to do, so for now I’ll just stick to being hilarious.

Well, it turns out that one of my good friends, Marcus Morgan, is not only hilarious, he’s also a celebrity, so he’s got me beat there.  Luckily he’s been magnanimous enough to include me in his upcoming installment of the Have You Met Marcus? videos in the hopes that not only will we find him a special lady friend who doesn’t mind the taste of cream of asparagus soup (trust me, it’s important, especially if you’re German), but I will finally be a legitimate internet celebrity, if there is such a thing.

Filming starts this Saturday, and its official YouTube release will happen soon after, so stay tuned, folks!  In the meantime, why not check out a few of Marcus’s videos to learn more about his lore and legend?


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