Overlord Bunny Is Now a YouTube Star (No More Pretending)


A few weeks ago I announced to the cold, uncaring internet that I was going to be guest-starring in an episode of Have You Met Marcus Morgan?, a web series that is written and filmed by a few of my good friends.  Though we suffered a few production delays (read as: Netflix added the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother), we finally managed to make it happen.  Without further adieu, I present to you the episode “We Are Shameless,” which I also helped to outline some of the gags for.  There’s singing and dancing!

Hey, I never said it was good singing and dancing, although admit it, I totally killed that Dougie.

Though the Marcus Morgan series has been going on for a while now and I’ve been present for a couple of the tapings, this is the first time I’ve stepped in front of the camera, at least on purpose.  The acting I did in high school and with a few of my exes (zing!) can’t compare to how totally awesome this experience was.  I hope I’ll get to do it again, either with the cast of HYMMM or through some other channel that does not involve night vision and the stench of eternal shame.

Here are some awesome behind-the-scenes facts:

  • A few jokes didn’t make it into the final cut due to time constraints, but they were pretty awesome (though the ones left in kick complete ass, too) and might show up in an outtakes reel at some point.
  • The majority of the Marcus Morgan videos are completely off-the-cuff.  There’s a basic prompt and some outlining ahead of time as far as important scenes, but other than that, it’s all improvisation.
  • The DVDs that Kelly, who played the Friend With Shitty Taste In Movies (in real life her cinematic appetites are just fine), is holding are actually not what she said they are, because we didn’t think ahead/none of us suck enough to actually own the Star Wars prequels or the fourth Indiana Jones movies, so we just pulled the booklets out of some random ones we had lying around.
  • After throwing my shoe out the door I spent like 20 minutes trying to find it again because by that time the sun had gone down and I’m too stupid to turn on the porch light.
  • The smashed-up car belongs to Matt’s sister, who got into a wreck a couple of weeks prior to the shoot.  Miraculously she was unhurt, and she’s already gotten a new set of wheels, so before this one got carted off to wherever it is that sedans go to die we decided to turn the negative into a positive and use it in the video.
  • There’s no alcohol in the bottles I was “drinking” out of, since I don’t drink.
  • I spent hours watching instructional videos on how to Dougie on YouTube before the shoot, and that’s still the best I could come up with.  I don’t understand you kids and your YOLO and Cali Swag District.
  • I was singing the Celine Dion version of “All By Myself,” not the Michael Bolton version, unless Michael Bolton is cooler than Celine Dion, in which case I recant.  Either way, I am the next American Idol.

At any rate, I hope you all enjoy watching us make assholes out of ourselves on the internet, because it’s what we love to do.  In the meantime, you can hit up the official Have You Met Marcus Morgan? fan page, and add Overlord Bunny on Facebook to get the first look at our shenanigans (no, that is not a code word for testicles).


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