Release Day! Let’s WoW! Episode 2: The Trolls Aren’t Always Under the Bridge


YEAHHHHHHHHHH!  I’ve been chomping at the bit for a week with the advance copy of my guest spot on the Let’s WoW! podcast taunting me from my mailbox, but now it’s officially available to the public!  Go here to the show’s main site and check out Episode 2: The Trolls Aren’t Always Under the Bridge, available for streaming or download, and soon to be searchable via iTunes.

Many thanks to the impossibly charming Ghemit for inviting me onto the show in the first place.  This particular episode dealt with something I’ve written about before, which is bully culture in the gaming world, so I was really honored to be called upon to offer my two cents.  We also discussed some of the unique harassment that lady gamers face, our plans for BlizzCon 2013 (I will be attending!), and etiquette for rolling on gear in groups.  I’m pleased to say that I did not totally blank out and go into unintentionally offensive stream-of-consciousness rambling like I did the last time I was interviewed by anyone, though I suppose that’s actually rather unfortunate for anyone who was hoping for a blooper reel.

I think I officially have the podcasting bug now, though.  I’m researching what I need in order to start up my own livestream on Twitch, maybe for a weekly show, but in the meantime, if you’ve got a podcast or a blog and you’re looking for a guest, please contact me either here, on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at so that we can set something up.


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