Overlord Bunny On LowPopWow… And At Blizzcon!


Sunday, 4/28 at 2 PM PST I will be a guest on LowPopWow for their community-building episode!  It’ll be available for download shortly thereafter, but LowPopWow records live using Twitch.TV, so come hang out in the chat and give us your questions if you want them answered on the show!

And in even more exciting news… I’m going to Blizzcon!  The Fiance and I will be there for the whole weekend as part of our Geeky Honeymoon Extravaganza, since we get married earlier in the week.  We won’t be staying at a hotel as far as I know, since we don’t live terribly far from the convention center and also I know the hotel is going to be full of drunk noisy people and nothing turns me into a crotchety 83-year-old woman faster than people making noise when I’m trying to sleep.  (Reason #72368632 why I probably should never reproduce.)  A tiny part of me is kind of regretting not getting married at Blizzcon.  I mean, Blizzcon and Disney World are about the only two places that could be even cooler than getting married in front of the orc statue on the Irvine campus.

Which reminds me, we send out the invitations in like two months which means I have that long to find a venue with a budget of $0.  YAAAAAAAAAAY!


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