La Marsellaise Pour Une Lapine


By now, if you’re a regular reader (assuming I have any), you’ve probably noticed a few changes around here.  Some post titles have been tweaked, names have been changed, and in general, I have become a Socially Acceptable Bunny.

A shitstorm occurred surrounding my Old Handle That Shall Not Be Named.  The confusion apparently stemmed from my use of a word which in French is innocuous, but in English is considered to be a slur.  Despite accusations made to the contrary, oui, je parle français.  I love France.  I adore the food, the films, the language, the music, the history, and Gaspard Ulliel’s butt.  Family legend states that we started off as descendants of French kings, but years ago somebody put their baguette in someone else’s basket and we got votekicked out of the country, landing in the Mediterranean where we noticed smokin’ hot tan chicks with big butts and proceeded to hump the bouillabaise straight out of the bloodline over the next several centuries.  Though we’re so far removed by now from our origins that we no longer qualify as French, I still have always felt an affinity for the language which is what led to me eschewing the study of Spanish in its favor, a decision that is admittedly questionable given the fact that I’ve spent most of my life in either California or Florida.  I was fluent in French at one point, although years of non-use has chipped away at my vocabulary.  Though I could probably still make my way through a vacation in Versailles without any trouble, it definitely doesn’t come as easily as it used to, and that is why you see me conducting all of my business in English.  (I can still read it easily, though, even if I can’t always remember exactly how to respond.)

tl;dr – Gaspard Ulliel’s butt.

Allô, chéri.

Allô, chéri.

I’m not going to go into much more detail about the events of recent history leading up to the name change, because my goal here is not to get sympathy or rally anyone to a “cause.”  I am, however, pointing everyone towards some updated links.  This blog’s address is now  My Twitter has been changed to @overlord_bunny as well, and other information, like my BattleTag and Tumblr, can be found on my About page.

After all, what’s in a name?  A rose, by any other name, would be Billie Piper.


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  1. Bummer that you were bullied by a few hypocrites accusing you of being a bully, especially after all your articles against said nastiness. But hey, do what you gotta do and keep going. Personally, I welcome our new Overlord Rabbit.

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